Information about the male prostitutes

The word male prostitutes in itself is not bad but it elicits a negative feeling from those who are uninformed – particularly the religious. The other newer terms used are more neutral and will not make the male prostitutes ashamed of what they do or cause people to stigmatize them.

It is easier to see people come out to openly affirm that they are male companions or male escorts than have them say that they are male prostitutes. Hence, I think the name male prostitutes should be scrapped entirely and its use banned.

In more than one ways, these young men have helped to ease the life of others and calling them such a demeaning name is not the best way to appreciate their contributions and economic impact to the society.

This kind of rebranding is what male prostitutes need too in their business because their services are very vital. Imagine the rise in rape cases that would be witnessed if these services are stopped or if by the virtue of the unpalatable names used on them, male and female prostitutes decide to stop what they are doing.


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