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Know all about the male prostitutes

A good number of young guys with promising future have turned to vices like drugs, armed robbery, rape and so on to make ends meet or to satisfy their pleasures. On joining male prostitution however, these young men will be given a new purpose of life where they do not have to go into vices to make ends meet or cause harm to others just to satisfy their own pleasures – because they see a whole lot of women on a daily basis who are ready to pay for their services – what they in the past used to struggle to get.

I know a good number of male prostitutes than have a loving family and have been taking good care of their parents and children. The list goes on and on. in my opinion, the end always justifies the means.

Male escort agencies have helped to change the way people view male prostitutes and I guess this is a trend that needs to be encouraged. Instead of calling them male prostitutes, most of these agencies use words like male companions, male escorts and the rest of them.

The word male prostitutes in itself is not bad but it elicits a negative feeling from those who are uninformed – particularly the religious. The other newer terms used are more neutral and will not make the male prostitutes ashamed of what they do or cause people to stigmatize them.

It is easier to see people come out to openly affirm that they are male companions or male escorts than have them say that they are male prostitutes. Hence, I think the name male prostitutes should be scrapped entirely and its use banned.


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